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The Nomige package

        1 DNA test (a one time cost)
        12 pages personalised report
        4 personalised skin care products
        3 to 4 months of treatment

Unique and personalised skincare

Tailored to your DNA & lifestyle

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How Nomige works

Award winning facial care products that are fully tailored to a person's DNA and lifestyle. Nomige only selects the ingredients that you need and creates products that fit a person's skin perfectly. Each product focusses on another DNA level that influences your skin condition. The result is brighter, younger skin with a more even complexion.

A Nomige package consists of 4 personalised products tailored to a person's DNA and lifestyle. Including an extensive DNA skin analysis.


Consumers have been increasingly demanding greater insight into what their products are made of and are more than ever looking for 100% personalised skin care. 

Nomige's is a unique product that strengthens your skin, fades your wrinkles and, above all, hydrates and protects your skin. Our expertise lies in translating a person's DNA & lifestyle into luxury skincare that delivers the highest effectiveness and skin compatibility. 

DNA is the best recipe for a beautiful skin. The science proves it.
We are looking for new partners to share Nomige within the dynamic skincare industry. 

Becoming a Nomige's preferred partner entitles you to preferred pricing, marketing benefits, an exclusive partnership and firsthand access to the latest and greatest products we develop. 

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£ 439,00 / € 499,00 (incl. VAT / excl. shipping)

A personalised Nomige Package consists of:

Nomige's partners help their clients find the perfect match for their skin, based on their own DNA & lifestyle.


The benefits

More about our partnership:

  • Close collaborations
    We’ll work with you and ensure our partnership is a win-win.
  • No upfront costs
    An exclusive partnership without having to pay anything upfront.

  • No stock
    This means that you will have no inventory, production and a customer orders are fulfilled by Nomige.

  • Press coverage
    Nomige's award-winning products and extensive press coverage generate broad consumer awareness which drives traffic.


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This makes Nomige different

100% personalised skincare

Based on your unique DNA and lifestyle

Custom products for every skin type

Complete care package for daily treatment

Easily reorder at your own pace

Visible and effective results

Personalised skincare.

Dr. Barbara Geusens

Nomige is the result of years of research and development by Dr. Barbara Geusens, Doctor in Dermatological Sciences.

“Stop searching, listen to your genes”

After years searching in vain for a suitable product for her difficult skin, she decided to develop her own line of skin care products that met specific expectations. Her personal story, her scientific knowledge and the belief that every skin is unique, were the driving forces behind the decision to launch Nomige.


Multi-award winning brand

Nomige has also won several be beauty awards over the years. The combination science and the personal approach where we guide you through the process is what makes us unique.