The Nomige package

        1 DNA test (a one time cost)
        15 pages personalised report
        4 personalised skin care products
        3 to 4 months of treatment

Unique and personalised skincare

Tailored to your DNA & lifestyle

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How Nomige works

Personalised skincare.

Facial care products that are fully tailored to a person's DNA and lifestyle. Nomige only selects the ingredients that you need and creates products that fit a person's skin perfectly. Each product focusses on another DNA level that influences your skin condition. The result is brighter, younger skin with a more even complexion.

A Nomige package consists of 4 personalised products tailored to your DNA and lifestyle. Including an extensive DNA skin analysis.


Become a Nomige lover and earn money through a influencer referral program. 
You determine what type of content will resonate best with your audience and you control your revenue stream. The more you share, the more you sell. 

After you've sold your first package you will receive your 10% commission (£ 46.5and a lifestyle cream. Of course we won't stop there, check out the Nomige lover recurring benefits below:

Per sold Nomige package you'll receive 10% commission. 
(After the 1st you get a lifestyle cream for free!)

Bijbestellingen aan jouw tempo

A personalised Nomige Package £ 465,00 consists of:

Ready to save someone's skin? ;-) 

Nomige's influencers help people find the perfect match for their skin, based on their DNA & lifestyle.


How to become a Nomige lover?

The ideal Nomige lover for us is:

  • Interested in: beauty, skincare, lifestyle and fashion.
  • Is authentic as an influencer and as a person
  • Has engagement with his/her audience.

    Authenticity is way more important for 
    us than the number of your followers.

More about our partnership:

  • We’ll work with you and ensure our partnership is a win-win. 

  • We have worked with many influencers, however we always partner up with a select group of inspiring individuals. 

  • Our campaigns have an affiliate code or link for your followers and our team will help you to ensure success by providing the information you need.

What's in it for you?

For the lifetime of your customers, you'll keep getting commissions! (£ 19.5 every couple of months)

After the first 5 sold packages, you will receive a custom DNA-report (value £ 132) on top of your commission.

A few great collabs

Questions? Email us any time.

This makes Nomige different

100% personalised skincare

Based on your unique DNA and lifestyle

Custom products for every skin type

Complete care package for daily treatment

Easily reorder at your own pace

Visible and effective results

Personalised skincare.